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I am a Melbourne based Graphic Designer and Visual Artist.

Growing up in rural South Australia I spent at lot of my time watching cartoons and movies, playing video games and drawing… I don’t know where else to go with this and don’t have someone writing a memoir about me, so I’ll keep it to just the facts.

I am heavily influenced by pop culture, Japanese cartoons, video games and movies. I like 80’s synth and cats. I spend too much time on the internet. I like pizza.

I am also a hard working creative who pays attention to the small details. I take pride in my work and enjoy taking on new design challenges. I am constantly looking to expand my skill set and believe you never stop learning.


BA of Communications – Griffith University 

Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design  – Melbourne Polytechnic

Diploma of Graphic Design – Melbourne Polytechnic


Outstanding Achievement Award 2016  – Melbourne Polytechnic Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design class 2016